Customer loyalty and satisfaction

The ultimate test for any customer-relationship metric is whether it helps your company change and adapt your actions to operate at peak efficiency. Does it help employees clarify and simplify the job of delighting customers? Does it help them identify and engage their best customers? Does it allow them to compare their performance to the best?

Catalyst helps clients develop more promoters who buy more, stay longer, tell their friends and colleagues, and invest their time to help the company improve. Our clients also learn to eliminate defects in their business system, reducing the number of detractors who can sap the life from your customer base.

  • Measure the health of the customer relationship over time
  • Identify the promoters and detractors of your brand or business and target key customer segments.
  • Understand what practices grow promoters and breed detractors
  • Enable closed learning loops between employees and customers to drive continuous improvement
  • Track the key touch-points in the customer experience