Qualitative research is exploratory in nature.  It’s perfect for when consumer motivations and behaviours need to be explored in depth. Catalyst can uncover the influences driving attitudes and behaviour,  and provide real insights for clients. With careful analysis, these methods allow us to tap into underlying beliefs about brands and can uncover some unexpected new ideas and opportunities.


Mystery Shopping

Catalyst's panel of over 6,000 shoppers in the Republic, Northern Ireland and Great Britain, gives our clients access to an unparalleled level of experienced shoppers, capable of matching any shopper profile and scenario.

With over 100,000 mystery shops completed, we provide unique insights into how a business, brand or product can be further improved.

Our team of specialists ensure that every mystery shopping report will lead to actionable plans.

We provide brand owners with vital information about how to keep a brand promise. We clearly demonstrate how customers see retail sales, customer service and advisory processes. Catalyst identifies the key drivers that lead to increased sales, customer satisfaction and repeat custom.


Exploratory Methods

Accompanied Shopping

As the researcher goes along with the shopper they will experience first-hand how and why a person shops in a particular way.  Discover the products the consumer is drawn to, how they navigate the store, how they understand promotions and how they interact with staff

Focus Groups

Focus groups highlight what stimulates and motivates customer actions.  A concentrated discussion with a group of consumers will tell why the target market behaves in a certain way, revealing their motivations and any barriers to purchasing.

Depth Interviews

Depth interviews are often used in business-to-business research where the subject matter is confidential or very complex.  They can also be appropriate for very sensitive consumer research


Data Rich Methods

Online Panel

With access to the largest and highest quality online panels in Ireland and the UK, online research is at the core of our offering to clients. Clients can also access results using Catalyst’s secure, real-time reporting system. 

Intercept Interviews

With access to a nationwide field force of interviewers in both Ireland and the UK, at Catalyst we conduct national door to door face-to-face surveys, in store surveys, exit surveys and street intercept research.

Telephone Interviews

Catalyst uses computer aided telephone interviews (CATI) to reach wider populations quickly. Interviewers use a structured questionnaire ensuring accurate and timely reporting