Retail Auditing

In the increasingly seamless world between your digital and bricks and mortar offering, your high street retail performance is more vital than ever. Catalyst’s Evaluator will ensure your stores are on strategy, communicating the right message and building the strongest customer relationship.


EVALUATOR is Catalyst's retail auditing product developed over 10 years

  • An unannounced audit that measures the key retail components
  • Evaluates presentation of the store and brand image
  • Key measures include: Layout, Presentation, POS, Merchandising, Promotions, Health & Safety
  • On-line access to detailed store audits plus store/brand network summaries
  • 24 hour access and secure log-in for clients
  • Password protected single and multi-level access for client management
  • Email distribution of store audit reports and summary reports
  • Email alerts to management triggered by exceptional scores