Catalyst’s expertise in communications, incentives and training, based on key learnings since 1996 from our performance measurement and market research, offers our clients a unique approach to delivering results.



Improver provides Catalyst’s clients with a tailored recognition and rewards package to incentivise their sales and customer service management and teams:

Rewards and incentives that drive key performance indicators based on employee profiling research

Multi-level rewards by grade

Project management including team building and awards ceremonies

Retail Training

Catalyst designed training, taking our learnings from 17+ years of retail research, to improve your sales and customer service

Customer service – how your team can set you apart from competitors by providing customer service which results in customer satisfaction and loyalty

Retail selling – equipping your sales team with the skills and techniques to turn customer encounters into successful sales encounter more frequently

Power sales – one-on-one coaching for 'big ticket' and high involvement sales personnel that will enable them to maximise their sales opportunities

Retail sales coaching – on-going coaching of retail staff that keeps their skills and motivation fresh and up-to-date


Communicator is a package of digital and printed communications to store management and staff that explains all aspects of a mystery shopping or performance improvement programme:

Communications tailored for retail management and teams

Tailored packages for retail franchisees and distributors

Communicates key elements of a programme from launch through to rewards presentation

Catalyst manages copywriting, design, distrubution

Posters, brochures and memory joggers

Programme updates via mail, email and newsletters

Website inserts and links designed and managed

1800 Telephone Helpline