Data-Rich Methods

Whether it’s measuring a brand's health, tracking its performance or assessing the potential of a new opportunity, quantitative research will uncover the numbers. Data-rich, numbers-based research allows performance to be measured and investment opportunities to be evaluated. The full range of research methodologies offered by Catalyst have a valuable part to play in answering our clients' most challenging issues.


Online Panel

With access to the largest and highest quality online panels in Ireland and the UK, online research is at the core of our offering to clients. Clients can also access results using Catalyst’s secure, real-time reporting system. 

Intercept Interviews

With access to a nationwide field force of interviewers in both Ireland and the UK, at Catalyst we conduct national door to door face-to-face surveys, in store surveys, exit surveys and street intercept research.



Telephone Interviews

Catalyst uses computer aided telephone interviews (CATI) to reach wider populations quickly. Interviewers use a structured questionnaire ensuring accurate and timely reporting. Catalyst's secure, real-time on-line reporting system gives clients access to the research findings within 24 hours.